Power Of Color

As a child you learn how to count and to recognize colors. You also learn to associate colors with concepts, emotions and objects or things like the blue sky, or green grass, or blood that is red. We are told that there are seven colors in the rainbow and to memorize this, we use the […]

Bike Chain Jewelry Vs Real Bike Chains

Bike chains are used nowadays for more than forward motivation of bicycle and rider. The latest trend is adapting the special chain design to create mens bracelets. More innovation has led to necklaces and women/ladies bike chain jewelry. The latter uses a smaller width chain (also known as roller width in the bicycle world) for […]

Are You Cut Out For Interior Design

Interior design is needed in all areas of life. Interior designers help to create interior spaces in all kinds of buildings, from museums to private homes and colleges to shops. It is no surprise then that this career is much sought after by many different people. If you want to forge a career in interior […]