In the fashion industry, youth is half the battle. It’s better to be famous before it’s too late. Today, let’s draw inspiration from some post-90s fashion new powers’ celebrity dresses. Although Little J, former child actor, is not a leading role in Gossip Girl, she is also eye-catching, especially in her dressing. Her exaggerated smoky… Read More

One of the most important things in getting you baby to sleep properly is for your baby to learn to sleep on his or her own. The reason it is so difficult for many parents – why parents of a newborn suffer from so many sleepless nights – is because your baby, at first, isn’t… Read More

Approaching motherhood is a wonderful experience for every woman in this world. During this very special period of her life, it is therefore essential for the mothers to look and feel good. They should do everything that their heart desires, dress in the best of clothes and remodel her closet for herself as well as… Read More

French fashion dolls are types of antique dolls created in the 19th century. They are designed to display the latest fashions of the day. However, they are more than just mere models of fashion. They are made to teach young ladies and prepare them for womanhood. Today, they remain admired for their detailed clothing and… Read More

You can find hundreds of articles or may be more on the internet dedicated to men, women, and kids regarding the latest fashion trends. But very few articles mention about the growing awareness of fashion among the teens. Teenage is an age when you try out different things to create an identity for your self… Read More

One of the most difficult times in life for a child is when they are a teen. This is a time of great change. During the teen years, a child is in the process of growing into their own person and one of the most important things in their life is going to be the… Read More

Choosing between racks and racks of first birthday dresses can be time-consuming and extremely stressful. You want your angel to look perfect for her first birthday, capturing the moments forever in photographs. However, we’ve all seen terrifying pictures of little princesses sulking in cringe-worthy birthday outfits. How can you stay in style without compromising the… Read More

The toys your kids play with can influence their maturation as they learn, develop, and grow. The right toys can inspire your youngster’s play, motivate his or her activities, both in and outdoors. Next, toys can unleash your child’s imagination and enhance his or her creativity. Also, the right toys can stimulate your minor’s learning… Read More

Copyright (c) 2008 Wendy Tendys For some reason or other, we coin generational phrases to put people in their place. Or, is it to define subcultures of certain patterns of behaviour? Mobileers were a community of early two-way radio users. According to Wikipedia, the Mobileers popularized the technology that birthed the mobile phone. Permanent installations… Read More

Temporary tattoos are the latest rage. From the fashion streets of Paris to the whiz kids in Japan, temporary tattoos are an expression of attitude and a cool fashion statement. Compared to other forms of body styling, such as piercing or permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos are a perfectly painless and ultra trendy way of impressing… Read More