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Fashion Famous Prom Dress Designers and Their Design Features

12th August 2011 Prom has a significant meaning to most young girls. It might be their first chance to wear a formal and seductive dress. Many of the famous designers from around the world have designed numerous formal dresses which are suitable for prom, and as you plan … Read >

Fashion Smart Red Urban Saree

09th June 2011 The urban saree is very much bewitching in its exotic geometric prints. The abstract printed saree is in an attractive red colour which has a contrast border decked in black, green and sequins. The border has beautiful appliqu pattern fixed in regular in… Read >

Health-and-Fitness Choices of Fitness Equipment for Good Health

04th May 2011 There is a growing consciousness among people for the need of good health. For this there are several means adopted in the form of air purifiers that would ensure safe breathing, free from bacteria and other germs. People do various types of exercises and… Read >

Fashion Dolce gabbana designer jeans provides you great style and denim quality

25th March 2011 Was considered as leisure wear but now days jeans are the most worn outfits of all. They are trendy and useable at the same time. You wear it with any thing it looks great and gives a cool impact on others. Jeans are a kind of clothing item that is worn b… Read >

Shopping Do girs like air jordan too?

27th January 2011 Some persons always like asking such a question “how do you like air Jordan shoes?” In fact, Jordan brand has so many series shoes that we can not give a hasty answer to explain it. In fact, people who really concern the shoes know that Michael Jordan is … Read >

Health-and-Fitness Ways to Increase Your Life Span

09th October 2009 Nobody that is sane wants to die. Throughout history people have tried all kinds of different things to cheat death. The problem is that unless some miracle breakthrough comes around the corner that makes us all immortal, everyone is going to die. The key… Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Framing And Hanging Oil Paintings

17th September 2009 The frame gives a more finished look to the oil painting and helps define the boundaries of the artwork. The marriage of a frame with an oil painting may be harmonious or discordant, enhancing or distracting – a poorly chosen frame can ruin the appearance… Read >

Health Healthcare Iron Is A Component Of Proteins Involved In The Transport Of Oxygen

17th September 2009 If you feel fatigue, anxiety and less energy after your work, you may have less level of iron in your body. Iron is very essential mineral for your body that fights against fatigue and increase your stamina. With the appropriate level of iron, you can nev… Read >

Home-and-Family “Contented awake time” – the key to baby sleep

17th September 2009 In my experience, the most common reason for a baby fighting sleep at nap time and bedtime is overtiredness.Babies who sleep poorly in the day often need a lot of parental help to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.This is because they have bec… Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Cast Away

17th September 2009 I am sure that there will be wags who glibly compare with similar Cast Away “Gilligan Island” and “breadwinner”, but, in tone, approach and common achievement, it is atypical Robinson Crusoe tale bears a strong resemblance to one of director Robert Zemeck… Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Is The Coolest Email In The World

17th September 2009 Ask Darin Myman about an email that should never have been sent, and he likely will tell you about a friend who was caught cheating on his wife when she examined the contents of his sent email. Of course Darin himself, like almost everyone who uses email … Read >

Recreation-and-Sports The role of a Photographer

16th September 2009 Wendy as a photographer has grown to be an artist. the website is a simple picture of the artistic moves by Wendy in the career of photography. As a Photographer it has definitely taken a mode of an artistic journey of being nothing… Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Digital Camera Vs. Film – Pros And Cons

16th September 2009 Consumers have been pretty receptive to the lower priced “point and shoot” models (some 5 million digital cameras were sold in the U.S. during the Christmas 2005 holiday season), but there are still some holdouts. Great strides have been made in digit… Read >

Music Don’t Move A Piano Until You Read This

16th September 2009 How do you move a piano? Very carefully. Okay, I’m being a little sarcastic, but moving a piano is a serious endeavor. I’m a big advocate of hiring a professional mover to move a piano. Pianos are heavy and it’s easy to damage a piano while moving… Read >

Recreation-and-Sports History of filmmaking and movies

16th September 2009 Movie is a term that encompasses individual motion pictures, the field of Movie as an art form, and the motion picture industry. Movies are produced by recording images from the world with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or speci… Read >