Benefits Of Using Bedroom Wall Lampssconces Instead Of Table Lamps Do You Want To Add More Lighting

Do you want to add more lighting to your bedroom but don’t have enough space on your bedside table ? Does your room itself even have enough space for a bedside table, let alone a table lamp. If the answer is “no”, then you’re definitely in luck. To solve both of those problems, you can use other lighting solutions such as bedroom walls lamps or bedroom wall sconces. These light fixtures are often mounted up high on walls so they don’t take up room and they tend to light up the room even better than traditional lamps. Let’s take a look at the benefits of these bedroom wall lamps/scones and how to install them easily.

There are many benefits for having bedroom wall lamps or sconces, these include:

– No cords – there are no loose cords hanging out.

– No power outlet required – these fixtures often use power sources that are located inside the wall which makes your general power outlets free for other devices or appliances.

– Easy to locate switches – No longer will you be fiddling around to find the on-switch of a lamp in the dark. Wall lamps or sconces have separate switches that can be located within arms reach.

There are two types of these wall lighting fixtures. They either come in as regular mounted bedroom wall lamps/sconces or as the mounted swing arm lamps. To determine which type of wall lighting is best for you, it all comes down as to what you are going to use it for? If you want to light up the room to create some ambiance, then I’d suggest you purchase the regular mounted bedroom wall lamps/sconces. These are either mounted right against the wall or extend out by a few inches from the wall. The main reason you should be purchasing swing arm lamps is if you wish to read (or similar tasks) at night in the comfort of your own bed. These swing arm lamps often extend out to about 13-inches in length and they’re able to swing in any direction to adjust the lighting; Which is very handy when reading a book.

The process of installing wall lamps or sconces will require you to hire a licensed electrician for quality assurance and safety precautions. There are five steps involved:

Step 1. Planning Stage: Determine the locations of the lamps/sconces by marking out on the wall. Locate the nearest power source and mark how the wiring is going to run along the inside.

Step 2. Ensure Safety: Disable the power supply on the circuit breaker. It’s also important to find any hidden wires, so I suggest using a voltage detector along the marked areas of the wall.

Step 3. Drilling/Cutting Holes: Using a drywall saw, cut out the marked out holes for the lamps/sconces in the wall.

Step 4. Wiring: From the power source run the wires to the light switch hole. Next, from the light switch run wires to the holes for the lamps/sconces.

Step 5. Installing: Install each of component into it’s respective hole including any mounting pieces. At this stage, the wires should be connected to the electrical box knockouts. Finished!

Now when installation is complete, all that’s left is testing out your new lighting fixtures. As mentioned earlier, there are some steps that may be a little difficult for some people to do so it’s important to gain some assistance from professionals.