Bling Your Kid’s Micro Scooter With Scooter Accessories

With a colourful scooter hooter, bright streamers, stickers and a fashionable deck grip, your children will be proud to ride their scooters and can easily recognise which scooter belongs to them.

Scooter hooters not only add colour and bling to a scooter, but they also add an element of safety for your child. Hooters often come in handy in order to draw attention to a child’s presence in an area to bystanders and motorists. While children think of hooters as a fun noise maker, adults often think of them as a piece of safety equipment that can be added as a precautionary measure.

Kids scooter accessories are not all for safety, some are strictly used to customise and personalise the scooter. Streamers, both short and extra long ones, add colour and style to the handlebar grips. They also add to the exhilarating feeling of flying with the wind as your kid rides their scooter and the streamers flap back in the air.

Accessorising the scooter deck grip provides fashion, colour and safety for your kid. Whether adding stickers of flames or flowers, or bedazzling gems, or alphabet stickers spelling out the child’s name on to the scooter deck grip, the bling here will once more help to individualise your kid’s micro scooter and add a safety element to it. Not only will your child definitely be able to easily distinguish their scooter from others, but the stickers and/or gems can aid in keeping them on the scooter rather than their feet sliding off while riding.

Both boys and girls like to demonstrate their individuality. A wonderful way for them to do that is to allow them to help pick out which specific accessories they prefer, which colours they like, what styles they wish to customise with and how much bling they want on their scooter.

Adding bling to your kid’s micro scooter with scooter accessories can be a fun and very rewarding project for both the child and the parent. From choosing which colour or type scooter hooter to picking deck stickers and handle bar grip streamers, this is a project that should be done together. When applying kids scooter accessories to a micro scooter with your child, it offers a perfect time for the parent to discuss safety concerns/rules with the child. Remind them that the scooter hooter is for fun but is also for emergencies while riding. Bling can add enjoyment for children and some peace of mind for parents.