Brampton Kitchens – 10 Steps To A Successful Kitchen Renovation

We specialize in renovating Brampton Kitchens. To make your kitchen renovation project flow smoothly, we’ve prepared a 10 Step Plan that provides guidelines for a successful project.

Renovating your kitchen can be an intensely satisfying project; with an enviable result providing you follow some basic rules and guidelines.

As with any renovation project there are things to do before you start. Preparation is the key to a successful kitchen renovation as it is with any job either inside or outside your home. Yes, preparation and planning do take time but both are an essential ingredient for a trouble free and satisfying project. Mistakes are costly as well as time consuming so getting it right before you start is mandatory!

Simplify the process by creating a basic ten-step plan, which you can than break down into more detailed sections. Breaking down your kitchen renovation into manageable smaller bites makes it easier to coordinate your project as well as spot omissions that might otherwise occur.

Remember Mistakes Are Costly And Time Consuming

(1) Prepare a budget. You must set a budget (with a contingency for cost overruns). If you let your ideas run away from your are almost guaranteed to have additional expenses you didnt plan for. The cost of fixtures, countertops and cabinets vary widely, so know beforehand what your budget will allow.

(2) Plan on how you will use the kitchen. Is your kitchen a purely functional food prep area or is it an extension of the family room. If its a place where family and friends congregate then your decisions on how to design the space will be quite different than if you cook alone.

(3) Kitchen cabinets often take up to half your budget. Decide on what you want to spend and build everything around this. Choose the best you can afford since it will make the end result much more pleasing.

(4) Flooring. Heres a chance for your creativity to shine. Flooring choices are numerous and include: ceramic, hardwood, vinyl tile, linoleum, laminate, carpet and stone. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Explore the options including color and texture and choose a floor that complements your new kitchen cabinets, countertop and paint color.

(5) Choose a theme and stick with it. Working with a kitchen designer will give you a coordinated look. You want to avoid selecting components that look great alone, but clash when placed side by side.

(6) Choose a design that will stand the test of time, one that you will be happy with for the long haul since most kitchen redesigns only take place every 20 years or even longer.

(7) Lighting plays a big role in todays modern kitchen and should be given the same attention that all other aspects of your design plan gets. The number of lighting styles available are diverse and vary in price, so do your homework and choose within your budget.

(8) Kitchen design software is readily available so take time to select one that fits your requirements. With a bewildering choice at every stage of planning your project we cant say this often enough, take your time and choose carefully.