Buying and Selling Used Rolex Watches for Profit

Are you interested in buying and selling used Rolex Houston watches in order to make an honest buck? Then you need to master each phase of this business, namely the buying and the selling, in order to buy your items at a low price and then sell them at a higher price. Let’s see a few basic tips for each of them:


You can save considerable amount of money if you buy a second-hand Rolex watch. However, you have to be very careful, as many fake versions are going around. Also, there are some dishonest dealers who would pull wool over your eyes while describing the watches they sell. Here are some tips that will help you avoid such problems and considerably reduce your chances of getting taken for a ride.

You can surely do a couple of things to avoid making a bad buy. Yet, the factors that matter the most are: checking the reputation of the dealer, inquiring the model number, meaning the initial three digits of the serial number, and possibly demanding additional photos.

It is imperative to check the reputation of the dealer as that way you are considerably avoiding any bad business. While buying on eBay, do check the feedback of the seller. You need to check the star rating and not just the percentage of negative points. It is recommended to buy only from sellers having a minimum rating of ninety-five percent or even more. When using any search engine, it helps to know how long that website has been around on the web, and try getting additional information about it. You would agree that, normally, a serious company would have explained its policy clearly. Use that as a measure to assess the genuineness of the company you intend dealing with. The two features to be checked in the stated policy of the company include the warranty and return policy. You feel comfortable with the idea that you’ll be able to return the watch in case you don’t like it, or it is not working properly. Before closing the deal, you can make inquiries through emails, thus keeping a record of all the matters discussed with the seller.


For selling a second-hand Rolex Houston watch, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. An important concern is the tension of the band. Generally, a tighter band will fetch you more money, compared to a worn out or loose band that has an old look. The status of the dial is another important consideration. You should understand that the original dials are better valued, compared to a refurbished dial. This valuation remains valid even when the original piece isn’t in first class shape.

The materials contained in your watch also matter a lot. A majority of buyers prefer watches made in yellow or white gold in 18 or 14k, platinum, and stainless steel. You can also expect the buyer to pay a better price when you provide the original packaging and papers of the timepiece.

While trying to sell a Rolex watch, don’t forget that very few people have enough money for buying it. So avoid focusing on selling it in your local area alone. Thankfully, here are a few more options:

eBay – Many people fail to appreciate the potential offered by eBay. You can expect to sell your Rolex watch and any pieces of precious jewelry through this site and get reasonable amounts for them. However, you should understand the liabilities of the seller and the protection provided to them.

Trustworthy local dealers – Sellers of Rolex watches often prefer selling through local dealers who can pay cash on the spot. Selling through local dealers has been an ongoing practice since long, though it may deprive you of the best value you could possibly get.

Reliable online dealers – When opting to sell through an reputed online dealer, you may get many options. You could expect to get better value for your Rolex Houston watches, as the market on the Internet is highly competitive.