Choosing a Fantasy Bed Kids Have Their Heart Set On

Kids who dream of being Cinderella, cowboys, race car drivers, and more will feel right at home in these fantasy kids beds.

Parents can help to make those dreams come true in their child’s room. Wonderful fantasy beds expand a decorating theme for any boy’s or girl’s dream room.

Castles, dragons, fairies, and royalty are written about in books and captured in the hearts of children everywhere. But they don’t have to stay in a child’s imagination!

What little princess wouldn’t love to sleep in a golden coach? Do you know any race car driver who couldn’t slow down enough to dream in a colorful model car? A future sailor can rock gently to sleep in his or her own private boat.

There might be more practical solutions to childhood sleep, but the fun that a fantasy bed brings to a child’s life will more than make up for the added expense. And you’ll always know where you child is, since your child’s friends will want to play at your house and plan wonderful sleepovers!

“Talk to your children and find out what they like. A favorite book or color may be the decorating theme you’re looking for.” Pam Hallaron, the interior designer of PoshTots said, he also advises that whatever style bed is chosen for a child, “Make an occasion for child to remember the new bed. Get them excited about their new environment and they’ll love spending time there.

Whether your purchase is for your child’s fantasy bed — or fulfills your own fanciful childlike desires — these beds will set the tone for a terrific, creative kod’s room.

Before the kids have their heart set on a specific bed, make sure your room has space to keep the bed in. Some of the beds come in strange or oversized shapes. Remember that some styles beds will require custom-made bedding.

Your child will undoubtedly outgrow the fantasy bed before it’s worn out. And the novelty of a “golden coach bed” might get old before your child changes his or her interest or goes off to college.

Be ready for the added expense and have a place to store the fantasy bed once it’s outlived its usefulness, anyway, probably you have no trouble at all finding another youngster who would love to dream in the fantasy bed.

Decorating kid’s room can be lots of fun. But what do you do when you need to get it done in a real hurry? Could you make the decisions, do the work, and finish in time?

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