Dressing Your Child Like a Rock Star

Dressing a little rock star is tough when it comes to certain events, but when it comes to children’s parties and everyday activities; it is a lot of fun to dress up your baby or toddler in rock baby clothes.

When you are going to upscale social events you always want to be sure your little rock star is looking dapper. These aren’t the places to have your little dude in a band t-shirt and ripped jeans. You are better off having them sport cool faded jeans and a vintage collared shirt. It’s alright to leave un-tucked to keep the rock star vibe.

Many schools these days require uniforms or at least specify particular types and colors of clothes, so it may be tough to pull off a rock star look. In this case, you need to make sure their hair is rock star cool, but pass on crazy colors and the Mohawk.

Now birthday parties and everyday activities are where your little rock star can shine. Now you can pull out the stylish ripped jeans, rock band shirts, fedora or boys trucker hats, oversized belt buckle and trendy pair of shoes. Match the clothes with your child’s attitude and let them express themselves. Don’t forget the hairdo, because rock baby clothes without the hip hairdo will kill the whole vibe. Also don’t overdo it! You don’t want it to look like you planned and matched every piece of clothing.

There are a lot of baby and toddler brands in children’s fashion today with all sorts of rock t-shirts and clothing compared to five years ago, so you have plenty of options as you build your child’s wardrobe. Many of these brands are now carried in major department stores and regional baby boutiques. You can also find many new up and coming brands online with a little searching. Be sure to search on the second and third pages of online searches, because many cool new brands that established don’t show up on the first page of natural searches.

You now have the tools to dress your little boys and girls like a rock stars. If you follow these simple tips, your little one will be on the road to the best dress kid in town, while pulling off the rock star vibe. And by the way, if your child is going to be looking hip, you better make sure your look is up to par to pull off the full rock star look.

Don Ryan has been in the children’s fashion industry since 2003 and is one of the founders of Baby Rock Apparel and Trendy Remedy .