is the ultimate portal to indulge in high fashion Shopping

We live in a world of visualistic appeal today. Things with that extra edge catch our eye and we tend to be attracted towards it. Men, women and children all alike are fascinated when it comes to visual appeal. This visual appeal is interpreted in the form of fashion; the clothes we wear. Clothes are a precondition for humans along with food, shelter and water. The everlastingprogression of fashion hassurpassed time. It is the untainted form of art, of style. Fashion designers combined fabric and colors to produce an art through a form of outfit or clothing. The art eventually make its way into different fashion magazine and films. From old fashion designs to high fashion clothing, the history of fashion had been a part of art and our lives.

In todays date fashion is the language to express ones persona with ease. Fashion plays a significant part in everyones life. Fashion elevates us towards maximizing our assets and lessening our flaws. It depends on us how we achieve it; remember to wear cloths in which you feel comfortable both physically and internally. Be confident and carry the outfit elegantly. Fashionable clothes boost our confidence and it directly gives a sense of feel-good. Fashion as it is today, can be considered as a revamp of modern age. Value and importance of fashion is increasing by the day. Fashion affects each and every one in one way or the other.

Modern fashion trends show people buying branded things mainly accessories, shoes, clothes and bags. In this modern world new generation group does not get satisfied with what they have. They will be always in need of the newer trends that get introduced into the market. It has become a situation in modern world that we cannot close the eyes to fashion. The upcoming fashion brings different feels particularly to the new group girls and boys. Fashion around us can influence us a lot. If you want to know the latest in the world of fashion, consider the new online mode of shopping. Online shopping since its inception has boomed for the ease it provides to the consumer and there are many portals that live up to consumers expectations. One such online store is Fashion and You. is the ultimate portal to indulge in high fashion merchandises & luxury brands at exclusive discounted prices. Fashion and You is a private invite only shopping club, based in Gurgaon, India. It was founded by Harish Bahl and Pearl Uppal in November, 2009. Fashion and You is a private invite only shopping club featuring collections by top designers for men, women and children for up to 80% off on retail prices. Fashion and You is the Hub of online shopping, providing hand selected brands, international labels and drool-worthy merchandises. The product mix varies from Luxury footwear, bags, designer apparel, fragrances and much more. Fashion and You has become Indias leading online luxury shopping portico and has a member base of more than 2 million shoppers today.

Since the founding, fashion and you has grown exponentially and has been awarded with many awards and recognitions to boost to the brand value. F&YOU has been recognized with the star retailer debutant award in 2010, has been ranked among top 20 hottest E-commerce start ups in India and got the silver position in the E-commerce site of the year. FashionandYous team guarantees 100% authenticity of every product that they cater. The handpicked selections of brands and products, the personalized pre and post sales service, the ease of site navigation and the attention to detail ensure an offering of exceptional quality to their club members. Fashion and You is for the truly stylish and the aspiring fashion connoisseur. To make fashion work for you become a member today at

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