Found The Best Boho Tops

Boho tops definitely suggest the romance of another time or place, and can be a foundation of a distinctive bohemian look.

Even if just worn over jeans, they transform your day from ordinary to exotic. They can evoke a gypsy caravan, a Marrakesh market, a Summer of Love music festival or an evening in 19th century Paris drinking absinthe. They tend to be crafted from natural fabrics, but quality blends are available for travelers. Details include beads, ruffles, embroidery or crocheted trim.

Here are four styles of Boho tops must have: Gypsy Tops – Inspired by the simple peasant blouse, these now appear in bold colors and flirty necklines. If you’re a true flower child, they resemble the first garment you learned how to sew. Today, Lucky Brand and Johnny Was create stunning updated versions for you.

Hippie Camisoles – These can be loose and flowing, a bit more revealing than the others. They often feature tie-dyed fabric and spaghetti straps, but not always. Free People has the best selection.

Ethnic Tunics – These are classic boho tops, with influences from Mexico to Morocco, Indonesia to India. They can be long enough to double as a mini dress, worn over jeans or leggings. Hip-length tunics pair beautifully with a flowing skirt. Designer Johnny Was captures their essence and his ready-to-wear line can be found in better department stores.

Romantic Blouses – This trend features lace details, ruffled necklines and petite flower patterns. Think of Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. Chiffon and silk are favored fabrics. The Free People collection loves them, but Gabriella Rocha will often include a few examples in her line.

Individuality is the essence of bohemian style, so don’t let fashion, the season or even these tips constrain you. Feel free to combine looks in any way that appeals to your taste. Don’t be quick to dismiss the boho look as mere recycled hippie chic. It goes well beyond that as a way of expressing your imaginative inner life. Buying boho tops can be the first step toward discovering your own gorgeous individual style!

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