How To Make Vintage Clothing Unique

Buying and wearing vintage clothing is an already unique and interesting thing to do. It will be quite rare for anyone else to have the same piece and you know there are so many stories behind the piece your wearing. But sometimes that feels like not quite enough individuality. Customising and changing up your vintage clothing will make them feel even more special to yo and you will definitely be sure no one will have the same.

Vintage t shirts are probably the easiest thing to customise and due to their cheaper price than other vintage items it doesn’t really matter if you make a mistake! T shirts can be made into vests, halter tops, strapless or backless with just a few cuts. Its best to draw on where you are going to cut with a fabric chalk to make sure everything is even and in the right place. Making jeans into shorts are another easy way to get customising. A pair of vintage jeans may look amazing around your waist but you hate the bottoms, so instead of throwing them or having to go to the trouble of taking them back just cut the bottoms off! Measure the outside and inside leg to where ever you want your shorts to come to and add an inch before cutting. Adding this extra inch means that when you wash them and they fray it wont make them shorter than you intended them to be.

Denim jackets are a blank canvas for customising, as they have a large area of material to do anything you want with, especially on the back and pins, ribbons, buttons, and anything you fancy can be added. Patches can be ironed or sewn on of your favourite bands or quirky little sayings on the arms or a large one on the back. For a punk look add animal print material to the cuffs and collar and throw on as many studs as you can find. Bleaching your denim also gives an edgy look without being too -out there-. You could acid wash your jacket, bleach only the sleeves or go for a patter or splatter look by using a paintbrush. If you want a more subtle form of customising changing the buttons on a shirt or cardigan can give it a new lease of life. Girly up a masculine shirt by adding cute flower or heart shaped buttons or use a ribbon or length of material to give the blouse a pussy bow fastening.

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