Kids shoes – comfort or fashion

Back in the day, the choices when it came to kids shoes were pretty limited. Now you can get all sorts of makes and styles in teeny tiny sizes. Which is great in some ways, but it’s also a potential minefield for any parent. After all, the main concern when buying children’s shoes is that they fit well and wear well. Not whether they look cool. Of course it is really easy to get carried away. But children’s health and well being must come before fashion. No matter what the child has to say and no matter what the motivation of the parents. Everyone likes funky styles in miniature, but are they really right and sensible for the child?

The consequences of poor or ill fitting footwear for kids can be very serious. Children’s feet are growing. Anything that fits too tight and causes discomfort can go on to cause lasting damage if left unchecked. As well as good fitting shoes, parents want kids shoes that wear well and last for a good while before they need to be replaced. This isn’t always possible when little feet are growing so fast, but that’s another issue. There’s nothing worse than children’s shoes that wear out quickly and need replacing ahead of time.

It’s always best to stick with the tried and tested. Brands and names that you can trust. When it comes to fashion, parents should use their judgement. Any parent feeling unsure about the suitability of a shoe or trainer for their little one should consult with sales staff who can provide the appropriate guidance. Quality is always going to cost a little extra, but is worth it for long lasting shoes, and shoes that are geared up towards the well being of the feet of the child. Shoes for kids can be fun, but parents should always err on the side of caution with anything too cheap or fashion for fashion’s sake.

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