Men’s Fashion In India

A style in clothing, accessories and footwear is called Fashion. The latest creation made by designers is also considered in Fashion. Mostly people believe that fashion means clothing. So the people keep on buying and changing the patterns of costumes occasionally. The clothing for men in India keeps on changing as per to the climates. Being moderate climate in India, it is very easy for Indians to wear various outfits.

In India, fashion is mostly considered as clothing in Men. The clothing is different in different states. Mostly People in India come out in fashion during festivals or some occasion like weddings, etc. Dhoti, Kurta,and Sherwani are also clothing of Indian fashion. Dhoti is always worn by men in villages. The Trousers which are loose around the hips but are tight around the ankle, known as Churidars are worn below the Sherwanis.

After the British ruled in India, the western clothing has been increased here. Mostly people living in urban areas prefer to wear both Indian and western clothing and creates a unique style. Today, at workplace also people prefer to wear formal wears, like shirts and trousers. The trousers are always worn dark in coloured than shirts. Men in India also wear different type of Hats, sunglasses, and other accessories for style. There are many other western outfits which are been worn in India occasionally. But maximum men in villages are still wearing the traditional dresses like kurta, pyjama, lungi and dhoti. In India, religious style of dressing is also worn by men.

Men are also paying attention to their looks nowadays. There is equal importance given to the mens fashion as that of women. T-shirts and Jeans are mostly worn by men in cities. It is very important to choose the T-shirts with comforting fabrics. Previously in olden days, men used to wear relaxed styles of material. But now, the present trending includes more fitted styles in clothing. Round necks and long sleeves t-shirts will be more useful during winter. And in summer, short sleeves t-shirts matched with sleeveless vests are perfect clothing for men. Cotton materials are mostly preferred during hot weather.

Bollywood cinema is playing a major role in bringing the fashion in India. The celebrities wear different type of accessories and clothing in movies. Looking at them people also try to wear the same on the Indian streets. Many youngsters grow in style. Maximum people are always looking out for latest fashion and try to wear them on streets. Like, the dressing style worn by Salman Khan in any movie will be worn by many men the very next day of that movie release. Not only the dressing style but also it is accessories that matters. The cool locket worn by Shahrukh Khan in film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai made men crazy behind wearing the similar kind of lockets for years.

Men should always try to wear what suits to their body frame. Age never matters, dressing as per to the latest trend and a perfect choice of styling is important. Over dressing should be avoided to express you. One should always come out in a decent dressing outfit. Every time to wear the lockets or bracelets are not helpful, the footwears which suits your dressing style should also be considered.