Neckties Even Fun In The Bedroom

Neckties nowadays are not only for men, and it has become a fashionable style even for women. Every year the fashion industry designs neckties that are specially created for womens fashion. What used to be exclusively mens fashion accessories is becoming womens fashion statement. The advent of wearing fashionable silk ties once started in the 1970s when Diane Keaton sported the mannish look in her movie Annie Hall in 1977. Her dress was made by the famous designer Ralph Lauren. This has paved the way for neckties as one of the most versatile female accessories a woman could use to adorn her wardrobe. Nowadays, women have their own line of neckties, it is the reason why big department stores, boutiques and shops strategically locate these superb accessories near the womens accessories or make up department.

Women wore their silk ties in many variations, unlike their male counterpart that are more rigid in knotting and styles, women wear ties for fun and fashion and some of the more stunning looks that are fashionable styles that are popular among women as seen on fashion magazines and runways are loosely tied around their shirt collars and sporting a wide ties with looser knots on their shirts, this look sets apart womens style of donning the tie. Also, neckties for women evoke ultra stylish, chic and sexiness in their personality.

Women who dare to wear neckties as one of their accessories is perceived to be bold and sexy to some. this is because neckties are predominantly used by men in the past and movies has shown sexy stars acting seductively on screen donned in only a mans shirt and tie. So it is perceived by many to be a bold and sexy fashion statement. And in lieu of this perception, the neckties have had its fair share of making it a tool to create fun and excitement and sensual scenes in the bedroom. Womens ties are made silkier, softer and bolder in color. This also the reason why it has become a tool for women who wants to have fun inside the room and have a sexy thrill with her love one. And according to sexologist men are turned on by novelty, sexy lingeries and spontaneity in the bedroom and one of the popular tools that are used by couples to enhance their sexual desires are the ties. Because these pieces of fabric are soft and luxurious in touch, it stimulates the senses creating new and sensual dimensions among couples. Couples use ties as a role playing bondage game, the reason why they use ties is that it symbolizes sensuality and boldness and ties which are often made of silk connotes sexiness and it synonymous to playfulness.

Neckties as one of the versatile fashion accessories for women can be worn in many ways and used in different styles to enhance the whole look. It is not confined in only one place or around the neck; it can be worn as a belt or hair accessories. The main idea is to create a novelty and show your own sense of style and personality, making the ties funkier without going over board and attain an overall polished look. And as time passes by, womens tie has also contributed to enhance the romantic side of couples using the ties to create fun and excitement in the bedroom. Indeed the tie has come a long way in such a mere piece all clothing.