Potty Training The Old Fashioned Way

Today, one can see 4-5 year old children running around in pampers. They talk a mile a minute, yet they refuse to communicate their need to evacuate. They lack the discipline necessary to go and use the toilet or to ask somebody to take them to nearest bathroom.

The children, whose brains are developing and their life knowledge is minimal, are not to be blamed. I blame the parents, who are too lazy and not willing to take the time to educate their children, to discipline them and teach the first basic activities that will mark their children for the rest of their lives.

I want to share with my readers my mothers old fashion potty training method.

Most pediatricians say that timing is everything. Every authority on potty training claim that the child must be able to hold the urine and stay dry for at least 3 hours before training should start.

Here comes into effect the mothers devotion, love, commitment and patience. Instead of waiting for the child to give signals, the mother knows how to anticipate the event and to prepare the child for it.

When I was just 6 months old, as soon as I could sit, my mother made for me a harness. Such a thing was not available, nor could be bought in a store, in the old country, at that time. Immediately after feeding, or every 2.5-3 hours, she would put the harness on me and tie it to the crib, to keep me stabilized and would plop me on a glass potty. She would also give me a book with color pictures of animals, to look at. Mom would sit next to me, show me the animals and imitate for me the sounds which each animal made, encouraging me to do the same. From time to time, she would also whisper: pee-pee, pee-pee, or caca-caca. When she saw through the potty glass that I was doing my duty, she would repeat those magical words and tell me what a good job I was doing.

As my parents loved me very much, they kept my baby bed in their bedroom, so that they could keep a constant eye on me.

Very soon, while in my bed, I would whisper: pee-pee, pee-pee… My mother would hear me and put me on the potty. At night, my father was on potty duty. He would hear my whisper, wake up and bring the potty for me, in the crib.

When we were going out, to visit friends, when I felt the need, I would whisper either in my mothers or fathers ear my special words and they would take me to the bathroom.

As I grew and learned to walk, my mother put a small stool next to the toilet and I learned to climb alone on the seat.

There is no frustration in this method. Just a great time spent by the mother and child and a great opportunity to bond, leading to extremely strong, life long love ties.

I wish that all the parents will try this loving method, which will create new generations of disciplined, adapted, clean and obedient children, who will mature into productive and unconflicted adults.

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