Proverbs for kids

Stories are loved by children. Bed times or long drives are the best way to bond with your child. To keep a child interested, proverbial stories work wonders. It can actually be put to use while relating to routine doings in life. Proverbs and idioms can be done to gently make the child understand about right and wrong. Deep meanings are difficult for kids to comprehend and proverbs simplify the same. Important needs like caring, sharing and valuing money can be put through with proverbs.

‘Actions speak louder than words’ is the best way to discipline a child. Most times when children get into tantrums, a parent shouts in an equal volume or spanks the child. This can be alternated with a stern look or simply not speaking to the child. Finally repeating the proverb will make the child understand the meaning and most often kids do not repeat such aggressive behaviour. ‘Beauty is skin deep’ is another proverb which is beneficial. Older kids are very passionate about fashion trends. In the joy to explore, they disregard the value of money and natural living. This proverb can be mentioned to explain that there are many qualities that make a person beautiful and that seem higher than the physical attributes.

Children often get lazy. It takes patience to teach the child to put back the books or toys. More endurance is required to teach them to button their shirts or tie their shoe laces. One could fabricate more story in the proverb ‘Grapes are sour’ and explain how it is important to be independent and striving is essential to attain a goal. Additionally, ‘no gains without pains’ is the best way to teach the child to be self-regulating. The result is that they are habituated in putting a finished tray in the sink or wiping the hands after a wash.

Biblical proverbs are excellent. ‘It is better to give, than receive.’ The words of Jesus Christ are the best way to teach the child to share at the dinner table or when friends come over to play. A child loves to receive and we too, try hard to give the best to our children. The next time, the child has a chocolate bar, make it a point to teach the child to share a piece with its older sibling or a friend. Little thoughts have deep values. ‘The early bird catches the worm’, this proverb has much meaning in the later phases of life. Habits of getting up early in morning, timeliness in watching cartoon or doing the homework is about discipline. A child who has value for time is stress free, as being organized becomes his second nature.

Teach your child some of the famous proverbs or refer the kids dictionary and enhance his intellect, you can also check out for smocked dresses for your child on these links.