Scotchgard Will Help Protect Your Carpet

Of the many solutions that have been created to better protect carpets and rugs from messes, none has proven to be more effective than 3M Scotchgard, according to Capital Carpet Cleaning & Dye CEO Michael Voorhees. A well-respected carpet cleaning company in Detroit, Capital Carpet Cleaning & Dye is a licensed 3M Scotchgard applicator.

When it comes to better protecting carpet from spills and stains, everyone is looking for a miracle cure. As the head of a leading carpet cleaning company in Detroit, I speak with dozens of homeowners each day who are looking for better ways to protect against damage to their rugs and carpets.

Specially Designed Product
In my experience, the Scotchgard product is specifically designed to protect carpeting against water-based stains and oil-based stains, including food and drink spills. While nobody can prevent all spills from happening in the first place, 3Ms Scotchgard can help protect carpets when the eventual accident does occur.

In the years since Scotchgard was introduced into the marketplace, a lot has changed within the carpeting industry. Nowadays, a protective Scotchgard coating is actually put on new carpeting while it is still at the manufacturers mill. Carpeting that comes with Scotchgard directly from the manufacturer usually has the product built into its fibers, or in other cases it may be applied after it has left the production line. In any case, buying a carpet with Scotchgard built in is one great way of protecting that purchase right from the get-go.

On the other hand, that initial layer of Scotchgard will not last forever. 3M Scotchgard will generally come off after about three commercial cleanings, which is why homeowners do have to be vigilant about having Scotchgard re-applied to their carpets and rugs each year. Currently, there arent any products that carpet cleaning companies in Detroit can spray on flooring to protect it forevereverything will come off after a certain number of commercial cleanings. Once the Scotchgard has been worn away and removed from the carpet, it is important that homeowners have it re-applied.

Cheaper Price for Reapplying
In Detroit, carpet cleaning companies can usually reapply Scotchgard for a fee that is lower than the initial application. In other words, if you had a carpet that had been Scotchgarded before and it had only been cleaned once or twice, then there may still be some protective coating left on it. Carpets that fall into that category may not need as much Scotchgard product in order to be entirely re-coated, which is why the price is usually cheaper than when someone has a carpet coated with Scotchgard for the very first time.

In general, pricing for jobs like this starts at $18 a room at Capital Carpet Cleaning & Dye, although the price can go up or down depending on the thickness of the carpeting and the size of the room. In most cases, our company will professionally clean a persons carpeting first and then apply the 3M Scotchgard after the cleaning is over. It is a post spray.

Some Limitation
While Scotchgard is a great idea for people with pets, Scotchgard alone cannot protect carpeting from dog or cat urine stains. It can, however, help increase the chances of the carpeting not being damaged as much if the urine is caught and cleaned up quickly enough.

Nylon fibers and natural fibers are the two types of carpeting that are the most susceptible to color damage from urine, which is something to keep in mind when selecting a new carpet. Additionally, the 3M Scotchgard product does nothing to protect carpeting against odor, and the best protection is watching closely over any cats and dogs that are in the home.

The Scotchgard product is usually sprayed onto the carpet and then raked in to make sure it coats all of the fibers. Although families are not required to leave the home while the carpet cleaning and Scotchgard coating is going on, I usually recommend that parents and kids keep traffic to a minimum in the affected rooms until the carpet is completely drya process that takes between eight and 10 hours. But it is alright to walk on it while its damp.