Temporary Tattoos Permanent Solutions

Temporary tattoos are the latest rage. From the fashion streets of Paris to the whiz kids in Japan, temporary tattoos are an expression of attitude and a cool fashion statement. Compared to other forms of body styling, such as piercing or permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos are a perfectly painless and ultra trendy way of impressing your friends.

In fact, temporary tattoos are much more preferable to permanent tattoos because:

Temporary tattoos are least toxic-free as there is no ink penetrating your skin. Moreover, the ink used is subjected to FDA regulation in the USA.

Temporary tattoos are absolutely pain free. These tattoos generally come as stick on tattoos, rub on tattoos and paint on tattoos. As none of these require anything more than application on the surface of the skin, both application and removal are perfectly pain free. The best thing about temporary tattoos is that they are temporary. You will never be stuck with a dragon on your arm or a bee on your wrist for the rest of your life. You can change designs with changing trends and preferences. Which means if you are bored with it, you just wash it or rub it off and you are ready for a new one. Temporary tattoos are a perfect solution for many people who can not go for permanent tattoos either because of medical or other reasons. For example, there are no infections from unsterilized equipments. No fear of allergic reaction to tattoo pigments or ink. There are no abnormal, unwanted scars too.

So if you are eager for your first tattoo and are not too sure about a permanent one, then temporary tattoos are the most ideal solution. You dont have to marry the tattoo and it asks for no commitment at all. If your commitment to tattoo is only skin deep, why should your tattoo go any deeper?

Lately, temporary tattoos have also become popular as marketing instruments. For example, if you are running a campaign for your company and want to liven it up, what better way than customized temporary tattoos! Or, if you are planning a birth day party for your child, how about adding the fun element without the toxins and other risks?

That is why temporary tattoos have actually dissolved the barrier between the pro-tattoos and the anti-tattoos. The fact that you dont have to carry it for life has made status more of a fun element than the previously perceived cult element.

As per choices, there are as many as you would like when it comes to temporary tattoos. You can select from tribal tattoos, patriotic tattoos, butterfly tattoos, dragon tattoos, celtic tattoos, crosses tattoos, scorpion tattoos, praying hands tattoos, barbwire tattoos, heart tattoos, yin yang tattoos, grim reaper tattoos, rose tattoos, armbands tattoos and Australian tattoos among others.

There is another significant advantage too. Temporary tattoos are a lot cheaper as compared to the permanent ones. Thus temporary tattoos are easy to use, trendy, cheap and can be changed according to your mood and occasion.

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