The Desire for Diamonds

Each and every diamond is unique. In its own way each stone unearthed from the ground has its own characteristics – color, clarity, cut and carat. The origin of the word diamond lies in the Greek word -adamas- which means unbreakable. Despite being a common carbon, it is the hardest gemstone known to man so far. It is also the most valued.One of the most famous diamonds is the Kohinoor (which means the Mountain of Light) which was originally 793 carats uncut. The diamond has belonged to a number of dynasties in India and was seized by the victors as a part of the spoils of war. It became a part of Crown Jewel of Queen Victoria when she was proclaimed the Empress of India in 1877, and has since then been worn by every monarch of England.The Indian Government has demanded that the said diamond be returned to its rightful country but to no avail. Thus it remains a tiny thorn in Anglo – Indian relations to this day. >

Luckily for us all diamonds do not end up being the cause of friction between two great nations. They are and will remain symbols of love, commitment and purity. They have captured our imagination with their beauty and sparkle. Wars have been fought and songs written in ode to the glittering stone. Diamond wedding rings are the most fashionable statement a couple can make besides being the ultimate gift on the day of the nuptials. Why only weddings? The demand for designer diamond jewelry is permeating in all aspects of our daily lives.Young or old, men or women are gravitating towards buying designer diamond jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.People are now gifting diamond pieces, be it simple rings or encased in elaborate necklaces like never before.Using modern technology, innovation and skilled artisans, Jewelers and Jewelry stores have been produced elegant pieces of art which are treasured by families and become coveted pieces of heirlooms, passed from one generation to another. As daughters get married, emotional parents gift their favorite family diamonds apart from other cherished valuables.Right from the middle ages, men heading down the aisle have been purchasing diamond wedding rings by the drove and presenting it to their brides-to-be as they stand before the holy altar and exchange vows. The wedding band signifies a grand gesture to the ladies they love and promise devotion.

For those short of time, whether planning a wedding or a grand birthday gift, modern day netizens are turning to the wired world to make their grand acquisitions. A number of virtual stores have mushroomed where you could buy diamond pendants online, as well as other designer diamond jewelry.These stores such as D-Gold are simple to navigate, well stocked with various designs and prices; ensure genuine products which are shipped across to an address of your choice.