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Reference-and-Education Top Hairstyle Trends of 2012

26th March 2012 Are you looking for the top hairstyle trends of 2012? Here are some tips for your consideration. Long Hairstyles Long and Bouncy If you want to frame your face with soft waves and achieve that relaxed, groomed finish with optimal bounce, this gor… Read >

Reference-and-Education Who are the Top 10 Designers of All Time

22nd March 2012 There are many famous fashion designers in the world and they have a tremendous impact of millions of people. Here are the Top 10 Designers of All Time. 10. Elsa Schiaparelli Known as the inventor of shocking pink, Schiaparellis designs were insp… Read >

Health Healthcare What Is Your Blood Type

22nd March 2012 Blood transfusion is a very common medical procedure, and it is needed by approximately five million Americans every year. It is required when someone losses a large amount of blood due to a serious accident, or as a treatment procedure for cancer patient… Read >

Legal What are the Top 10 Criminal Justice Movies of All Time?

06th March 2012 For some reason, people just cant get enough of criminal movies. If you are to ask 10 people about their favorite criminal justice movies of all time, you may well get 10 different answers. Heres our list of Top 10 Criminal Justice Movies of All Time. … Read >

Reference-and-Education What are the Top 10 Cities to Study Fashion

16th February 2012 The fashion industry has been experiencing a boom in recent years, and this has created a lot of job opportunities for fashion students. If you wish to pursue a career in fashion, you can start by enrolling in a good fashion school. There are numerous fas… Read >

Career How to Become a CFO

21st December 2011 A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for planning, controlling, implementing, and managing all aspects of financial activities in the company. For people who are carving out a career in finance, becoming a CFO may well be the ultimate top of th… Read >

Reference-and-Education Travel and Tourism Salary Guide

21st December 2011 Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Each year, millions of people travel to various destinations in the world for vacation, business or other purposes. With the growth of low cost airlines and availability of inexpens… Read >

Reference-and-Education Best Cities to be a Fashion Photographer

06th December 2011 So you have acquired all the necessary skills to become a fashion photographer and you have built the most mind-blowing portfolio to show the top fashion photo agencies, editors, and fashion houses. Without a doubt, the life of a fashion photographer is h… Read >

Reference-and-Education Where Do Health Care Administrators Work

28th September 2011 If you are researching health care occupations, you may find yourself asking, “Where do health care administrators work?” The health care field is not going anywhere, as we all know, and in fact, it is one of the fastest growing professional fields in the… Read >

Reference-and-Education What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

26th September 2011 What does a fashion designer do? This may seem obvious, but fashion designers may have numerous different responsibilities that you never thought of. Of course, a fashion designers main job is typically designing clothes, shoes and/or accessories. This i… Read >

Reference-and-Education How to Become a Cosmetology Teacher

23rd September 2011 If you are a patient person with good communication skills and leadership qualities, and you are passionate about hair, makeup, skin and nails, you should be interested in learning how to become a cosmetology teacher. You are the ideal type of person for … Read >

Fashion 5 Most Influential Hair Designers in History

10th August 2011 The following list of the 5 most influential hair designers in history is by no means inclusive of all the hair designers that have become famous and forever affected the popular styles of mens and womens hair. This is completely subjective just one pe… Read >

Career Neurosonography Career

10th June 2011 Have you been thinking about specializing in neurosonography? This career path might suit you quite well if you are interested in diagnostic medical sonography and the human brain. Neurosonographers help people to live better lives, and they are an integr… Read >

Health Healthcare Massage Therapy for the Terminally Ill

03rd May 2011 There are many potential benefits of massage therapy for the terminally ill that patients and their loved ones should explore during this difficult time. There are massage therapists that specialize in body work that helps terminally ill patients achieve … Read >

Career How to Become a School Nurse

18th November 2010 If you learn how to become a school nurse you will see that it is probably not as hard as you may have imagined; although, you will need to go to college for a bachelors degree, which most jobs require these days. As a school nurse you will be responsibl… Read >