Ways To Get Used Bulldozers For Construction And Landscaping Projects

Bulldozers are not just for construction companies. Companies, schools, and small town municipalities use bulldozers for small construction projects and light landscaping. Even though places like these use bulldozers quite often, renting a bulldozer or purchasing a new one can be expensive. Used bulldozers are perfect for these situations. There are several ways to get great deals on used bulldozers. The following tips offer three ways to get used bulldozers for construction and landscaping projects.

Government Surplus: City municipalities often have large fleets of bulldozers for large public works projects. When cities buy newer equipment, they occasionally sell older bulldozers at auctions. Keeping an eye on city auctions is a great way to find deals on bulldozers, construction equipment, and more. Used government bulldozers can be a great way to find a bulldozer for private landscaping and construction projects.

Online: There are several websites dedicated exclusively to the resale of large construction equipment. This is often the best way to get a used bulldozer if you cannot find what you are looking for at an auction. The primary advantage of shopping on line for used bulldozers is that you can search for specific equipment brands such as John Deere construction equipment and Komatsu equipment. Additionally, shopping on line allows you to compare different models and find the best price on a particular model. Most websites will be able to locate a bulldozer near you.

Private Auction: Aside from government construction fleets, many private construction companies maintain large fleets of bulldozers. As with government fleets, private companies will often completely replace their construction fleets every few years. When this happens, private construction companies send bulldozers to private auction houses. Additionally, floundering construction companies may liquidate their assets at private auctions.

Auctions offer the best way to secure great deals on used bulldozers. If you cannot find what you need at private or government auctions, then on line stores for wholesale used construction equipment offer a great alternative to live auctions. Buying a used bulldozer can save money on rental costs and hiring outside construction companies.