Wholesale Jewelry

As the fashion industry has been growing like never before in the past years, it has become imperative that one to follow the latest trend in style, less she is most likely to be isolated in the society. The society follows the latest trend and to follow the trend it is extremely important that you resort to the latest jewelry. However, the price barrier makes it extremely difficult for an average individual to make a collection of their own and follow the latest trend because the price tags that have been associated with them can be way above once affordability.

This undoubtedly becomes the reason why wholesale jewelry has become the most preferred type of buying in the recent years. Like any other wholesale product, wholesale jewelry is also known for its cheap prices, exceptional quality and fantastic designs. Resorting to wholesale jewelry is extremely easy because you can not only buy them cheap but also create a collection for your own. The collections that come in them bring you some of the finest designs and exquisite detailing that can make you the center of attraction.

Although, wholesale jewelry has been seen to exist around the world, yet a place that is extremely famous for wholesale jewelry internationally is China. China is the next best thing you can think about when it comes to fashion jewelries. The place is buzzing with lavish markets and more than thousands jewelry merchants that are ready to offer you some of the most exquisite collections that you might have not even seen on celebrities.

With are the famous places for wholesale jewelry in China?


These three places have been internationally recognized for wholesale jewelry and come out with some of the most exquisite designs that can keep you stand and will never leave you out of options. Out of the three, Guangzhou being the capital of the largest city is very easy to access for people from Hong Kong. The place features three major markets specializing in jewelry and can give you countless designs and abundant varieties that can make you feel on top of the world. Designers and celebrities from around the world come here for their wholesale jewelry shopping, as it is quite affordable yet one can make a lavish collection for oneself.

Guangzhou has three lavish markets – Liwan Plaza, Hua Lin Si Jewellery Market and Xijiao Jewelry Market. These markets have been exclusively known for making fine jewelry and come out with some of the most exquisite collections that you have ever imagined. Liwan Plaza the most famous among the three is one of the largest wholesale jewelry markets in the whole of China. The place features more than 2000 small wholesale jewelry merchants and is a one-stop destination for anyone who is looking to create a collection of their own. The designs that come here have been exclusively made by talented merchants with some of the most intricate designs that serve all purpose. It does not matter the type of jewelry that you look out for, you name it and it is here. The best part about this places that it is so huge that you do not have to place another but can buy the product there and then. With a little negotiation capability and a taste for unique jewelry, you can cut a deal that can fit your budget.

To conclude, this place is a great wholesale destination for anyone who’s starting a small business, a visitor who wants to get some great jewelry or someone who’s just on a window shopping.

The Xijiao Jewelry Market is the next best thing for wholesale jewelry, but is comparatively small. However the site should never be misunderstood to jewelry that is available here. The place features more than thousands small merchants that specialize in stainless steel, gold plated jewelry, diamonds and more that can charm you the moment you look at it. The place is filled with talented and skilled merchants that can offer you some of the finest piece of work.

Hua Lin Si Jewellery Market is certainly known as another jewelry hub for the serious fashion conscious. Above all, this place is exclusively known for its jade jewelry. The place comes out with some of the most amazing designs and jade and this recognized internationally for its sales and distribution in the whole of Southeast Asia. By wholesale jewelry in China is more about buying jade from here, as this place specifically focuses on it.

Establishing a relationship with merchants will serve you better in the long run, as some of them even provide return policy in case of damages.

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